Bobblhead Cow By Batty Bargains

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  • Magical powers that are 10x as real as cow tipping.

  • Cute little bell around it's neck that chimes every time anyone in the world pushes a cow over while it's sleeping.

  • If you still believe in cow tipping, order this bobblehead nodding cow and then go google cow tipping. You will be disappointed, but only until your toy bobblehead doll arrives and you can watch it's bobbing head answer all of life's biggest questions.

  • Adjustable bobble head moves easily and smoothly making it look like it is nodding or shaking it's head. Guaranteed to bob at a wide range of angles! Just loosen or tighten the weighted bolt on the back of it's bobbing head.

  • Easily mounts on almost any car or vehicle dashboard in seconds with included adhesive pad. Easily removed without leaving any permanent residue. One of many dashboard figures available as part of Batty Bargains Legendary Bobbleheads Collection.

  • Color : white

In 2005, the University of British Columbia conducted a study and concluded that the urban mythical practice of tipping a cow would require the strength of 5 average men. With how well the included dashboard adhesive pad will hold your new pet cow to the dash of your car, you would think that it would take just as many men to knock this bouncing head farm animal off it's feet, but in reality, this bobbing head companion and it's sticky dashboard disk can be easily removed with one hand, and will never leave a permanant residue! Researchers have found that if you name a cow and treat her as an individual, she will produce almost 500 more pints of milk a year. The bobble head bovine doesn't produce any milk at all, but if you give it a name it will probabbly love you 500 times as much, and maybe even produce 500 more agreeable answers per year. This toy bobblehead figure is seriously cute. This nodding head dashboard doll decoration will make your friends jealous and your haters even more jealous. One of many ridiculously awesome bobblehead dashboard companions available as part of Batty Bargains Legendary Bobbleheads collection. Buy one today!