Xinda Screwgate Locking Carabiner Clip - Professional Rock Climbing Carabiner Screw Lock, Heavy Duty Carabiners For Climbing, Mountaineer, Hammock, Camping, Outdoor Equipment

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  • Uses 7075 aviation aluminum material with high strength, light weight, easy to carry and so on

  • Breaking load mark: Long axis 25KN (approx. 5500LB force) Short axis 8KN (approx. 1750 LB force) Unlock 7KN (approx. 700 kg force)

  • The shape of D determines that it is easy to connect. The connected seat belt and protective tools are always fixed in a good position on the long axis and can withstand impact forces up to 2500 kg.

  • Size: Length: 5.6cm, Width: 10cm, Opening: 1.7cm

  • Range of use: Climbing, expanding, exploratory caverns, downhill, rescue, high-altitude operations, project protection hoisting, etc

  • Color : 2 pcs Blue

Brand: XINDA Name: Screwgate Locking Carabiner Material: 7075 aviation aluminum Pull force: Closedgatestrength - 22KN; Minor Axis - 8KN; Opengate - 7 KN Certification: CE 1019 Package Includes: 1 pc / 2 pcs carabiners Note: Don't let the carabiner get touch with chemical and sand Wash the carabiner below 40 degrees water Don't throw the carabiner from high place to the ground Put the carabiner in dry and ventilated place, don't get close to heat source Don't use the carabiner more than 5 years when the sluice gate can't be open and close, the carabiner should be replaced