Abeaco Heavy Duty Playground Trapeze Bar With Rings Extra Long 38 Inch Chain Swing Set (Trapeze Bar)

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  • Heavy duty 315 lbs capacity trapeze bar/rings combo with extra long 38 chain that adjusts to fit every child. Perfect addition or replacement part for your family swing set.

  • Custom one-piece trapeze bar design - no more rusty nuts and bolts! Independent handles that move with your child no matter which way they twist and turn.

  • No-pinch plastic coated chain. We've added a thick layer of rubber coating for amazing protection. Your little one's fingers matter to you and they matter to us. No pinch. No pain.

  • Fully assembled trapeze bar and chain that are built to last. Don't spend hours putting parts together. Unpack, hang and enjoy!

  • 100% money back guarantee - we care about our customers. Not satisfied with our trapeze? Let us know. We're committed to our product and to you.

  • Color : Yellow, Green

  • Size : one size

Are you looking for a new and creative addition to your playground or swing set? What about that old trapeze bar that fell apart long ago? With the Abeaco 17 trapeze bar and rings combo, it's a fantastic way to add fun for your entire family. It's not just for kids anymore! With an extra long 38 heavy duty chain, it adjusts to fit any height. Perfect for the kids and the adults!

Do you dread spending hours putting those nuts and bolts together? We've got you covered! The Abeaco trapeze bar comes fully assembled and with our custom one-piece bar design, there's nothing to worry about! Simply unpack, grab some S-hooks (not included), hang and enjoy! We've also designed everything with safety in mind. Our rings are made from a highly durable injection molded plastic which attach independently. They'll move with your child no matter which way they twist and turn. Worried about your little one's fingers getting pinched in the chain? Our extra thick rubber coating is specially designed to keep body parts safe. No pinch, no pain. Just backyard fun at a great price.

At Abeaco, we care about our customers. If you're not satisfied with our trapeze, let us know. We'll do everything we can to make it right. With a 100% money back guarantee, we're committed to our product and to you.