Hexers Role Playing Game Board: Vinyl Mat Alternative - Dungeons And Dragons D&Amp;D Dnd Pathfinder Rpg Play Compatible - 27''X23'' - 1'' Squares On One Side, 1'' Hexes On The Other - Foldable &Amp; Dry Erase

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  • SQUARES AND HEXES: The board is 27'' on 23''. It contains hexes on one side and squares on the other side. Squares are 1'', hexes are 1'' side to side. 26 x 22 squares. 29 rows of hexes alternating 21 and 22 hexes per row.

  • DRY ERASABLE: We recommend Staedtler Lumocolor correctable pens for long-lasting outlines and Expo dry erase markers for short term drawings. The dry erase markers can easily be erased with fingers or pieces of cloth, erasing the correctables requires the use of the erasing tip. The use of a damp cloth or micro cloth (a little rubbing alcohol can help too) is required for most markings after a couple of days, this also helps against smudging. No pens or markers are included.

  • EASY TRANSPORT AND STORAGE: The board is foldable and measures 13.5''x11.5''x0.4'' fully folded. The box measures 13.75''x11.75''x 1.75'' and can easily fit in a backpack. This leaves some empty space in the provided box that can be filled with dice, miniatures, map tiles, rules, sheets and markers. The drawings can be left on the board when folding. This is convenient for multiple gaming sessions requiring the same terrain. The dry erasable lines can be erased and redrawn for a new adventure.

  • FREE MAP: A free digital map is included in the follow-up email, please contact us if you did not receive it. The box is designed to be placed next to other tabletop game boxes, it is predominantly red and black with a matte finish. The map's borders follow a hellfire theme.

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We aim for 100% customer satisfaction. If there are any problems with the product please let us know. We provide easy refund possibilities and timely shipping.

  • Color : Red

Your party has just entered a fearsome dungeon looking to complete their quest. Your DM pulls out his Hexers RPG board: he is well prepared as always. On his board you see the outlines of the dungeon drawn in black correctable ink, the details are filled out with the dry erasable variant in many different colors. He confidently gets the miniatures out of this mysterious red box: it seems as if it is related to the board. Your party is surprised! You are used to him rolling out vinyl maps. But somehow you do not mind, the board seems strangely familiar yet novel and intriguing. Your DM lets go a smile: I recently bought this board. It just seemed awesome and very practical. I wanted to try something new! . Your party fully heartedly agrees: Yes it looks quite fancy! . You all slowly look back to the game, the freshly placed monsters and everyone rolls for initiative. DISCLAIMER: This is a game accessory: a blank dry erasable foldable game board. It is a map intended to aid dungeon/game masters in their role. It does not include game instructions, miniatures, game dice or drawings. Game instructions for D&D can be found on their website or bought separately. A free digital map is included in the follow-up email, please contact us if you did not receive it.