Athlete'S Best Premium Omega-3 Fuel Supplement | 2400Mg Krill Oil-Astaxanthin-Calamarine-Vitamin D3 | Epa+Dha Omega 3S | Highest Quality &Amp; Clinically Proven Ingredients

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  • Krill Oil with High DHA (700mg) + Vitamin D & added Astaxanthin (2.67mg). 290mg Phospholipid Omega-3s for Fast Absorption.

  • Eco-Friendly & Sustainably Sourced - All marine ingredients are Friend of the Sea Certified.

  • Supports cognitive, cardiovascular, heart, and joint health, making it a perfect foundational supplement. Boosts energy and reduces inflammation..

  • 2400mg+ Synergistic Blend of Marine Lipids (NKO Krill, Calamarine), Phospholipids, High DHA, Natural Astaxanthin (Powerful Antioxidant) and Vitamin D3 for optimal overall health


Athlete's Best Premium Omega-3 Fuel is the #1 supplement for overall health, athletic performance & recovery. Our formula uses clinically studied ingredients that feature the highest quality krill, calamarine oil, natural astaxanthin & vitamin D3.

This product is for anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle or wants to better their overall health*

(+) Superior Quality & Clinically Studied Ingredients

Each ingredient is exceptional alone, but when selectively combined in the proper ratios within our formula, PREMIUM OMEGA-3 PLUS is overwhelmingly superior to any of its single components. This dynamic fusion creates a unique athletic supplement rich in ultra-pure omega-3s, exceptionally high DHA and super antioxidants.

(+) Krill Oil with Phospholipids & high DHA

Krill oil omega-3s are attached to phospholipids, which contribute to better absorption and utilization of the EPA & DHA by the cells. Our formula emphasizes DHA as there is an increasing body of scientific research supporting DHA as the more efficacious option for addressing most of the common health conditions supported by omega-3s.

(+) Phospholipids for quick absorption into the cells

(+) Astaxanthin

We've added a high concentration of the natural anti-inflammatory & super antioxidant astaxanthin for additional benefits. 10-15x most other brands.

(+) Highest quality extraction process

(+) No actual fish oil in the product

Our research shows that fish oil has become obsolete due to poor absorption & rancidity factor.

(+) No fishy aftertaste or fish burps

(+) FREE OF: GMOs, PCBs, Dioxins, Heavy Metals (including mercury), Gluten, Artificial Flavors, Fillers, or Synthetic Ingredients

Limited Time 30 Bonus Softgels for a Total 45 Day Supply! Order Today and experience the full benefits associated with omega-3s!