Atkins Pecan Caramel Clusters. Rich And Decadent Treats With Chocolate, Caramel, &Amp; Pecans. (10 Clusters Per Box)

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  • PECAN CARAMEL CLUSTERS. Atkins Pecan Caramel Clusters are made with indulgent caramel and real roasted pecans wrapped in a rich chocolate coating. A decadent treat that satisfies your sweet tooth without all the sugar.

  • SATISFY YOUR SWEET TOOTH. The Pecan Caramel Clusters are made for those with a sweet tooth. Made with only 2g of sugar and 180 calories, you'll get a satisfying dessert plus an added bonus of protein and fiber.

  • CLEAN. TASTY. SATISFYING. Atkins' delicious and nutritious snacks strike the perfect balance of clean ingredients and satisfying protein. These snacks have their own unique textures and flavors to satisfy all your snack cravings.

  • SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE. With tons of variety, you'll stay on a low carb track while enjoying your food. From meal kits and frozen meals to shakes, bars, treats, there's an Atkins product to fit your individual tastes, lifestyle needs, and nutrition goals.

  • ATKINS SOLUTION. Atkins was started by Dr. Robert C. Atkins in New York in 1989 after receiving his MD and spending years and years studying a healthier solution to America's weight loss programs.

  • Size : 1 Pack

Atkins' purpose is to improve global health and to help people understand that eating right is about both losing weight and becoming healthy. That's done through the use of imagination, innovation, partnerships and commitment to science to make it easy to eat right.

Coming in a box of 10 or more clusters, the Pecan Caramel Clusters are the perfect quick and easy treat. Low in sugar and calories, you can have your dessert with a side of 2g of protein and 12 g of fiber.

You can have your sweets and eat them too! Atkins Treats are perfect for your low carb lifestyle. Made from ingredients like chocolate, caramel, nuts, and peanut butter, our treats will satisfy your cravings, without excess added sugar.

Cardiologist Dr. Robert C. Atkins saw that eating right, not less, improved his patients' health - not just in terms of weight loss but also reducing chronic issues. Over the last 45 years, mounting evidence is revealing that Dr. Atkins was right.

The Atkins Diet started as a fad, but quickly became a counter-conventional movement that reset people's understanding of nutrition and weight loss, and its link to health. Atkins public health advocacy has played a significant role in updating dietary guidelines, moving them from less and towards right.