Atlanyards Sleek Ovals Chain Eyeglass Holder With Silver Clips, Sleek Ovals Holder For Glasses With Clip Grips, Clip Eyeglass Holder

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  • To view more clip eyeglass holders like this one type 'atlanyards clip eyeglass' into the Amazon search bar. Eyeglass Holder is made of Stainless Steel -- Super strong and durable yet lightweight, silver in color, and will not lose its color or strength over time!

  • This product is handmade in the USA. Great for glasses and sunglasses!

  • The chain itself measures approximately 27 -- The overall length, including eyeglass clips, measures approximately 29 .

  • Non slip glasses clips make for a secure, tight hold to your glasses and will not leave marks on your glasses. Works great with any size ear wires thin or thick!

  • To view additional eyeglass chains and sets of eyeglass chains type ATLanyards in the Amazon search bar.

  • Color : Silver, Stainless Steel

This very simple stainless sleek ovals chain eyeglass holder is just what you need to keep your glasses of any kind close at hand! Stainless steel is super strong, durable, lightweight, shiny, and keeps its shiny silver luster without ever becoming dull. The length of the chain portion of this eyeglass holder is approximately 27 . The overall measurement of this eyeglass holder, including the eyeglass clips, measures approximately 29 . The eyeglass clips included on this eyeglass holder are an amazing solution to keeping your glasses secure. The clips have a clear soft layer of plastic on the inside which helps to not only hold tight to your glasses of any size but also assures that clips will not leave a mark on your glasses frames. The clips measure 3/4 long; bottom of the clip is 1/4 wide and the top is 3/8 wide and are made of silver plated steel. The lightweight design makes this ideal for comfortable daily use. (*Please note the dime and glasses shown in the product photos are included for size comparison purposes or for demonstrative purposes only and are not included in the purchase of this item.*)