Atomixx Limitless 2Oz Shot (12-Shot Display) | Mood Focus Anti-Anxiety In One

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This listing is for a full display box - (12) 2oz liquid Limitless shots. Ever wish you had a cheat code for those extra-tough or extra-long days? So did we. Whether you're looking for focus, energy, or just to unwind and be the best version of yourself, you've found it. Limitless is designed to calm the overactive areas of the brain to provide a smooth experience without the side-effects of other supplements! Our revolutionary formula is designed specifically to bring about the best of both worlds: mood-enhancement and mental-enhancement. It aims to do this by attacking the problem from a new angle. Most energy or focus supplements on the market work by entering the brain and stimulating a certain system of receptors, that is, turning extra stuff on. The original issue can most of the time be thought of as misfiring neurons. These are brain cells that send electrical impulses near-constantly that don't pertain to what we're trying to use the brain for, AKA, the chit-chatter or distractions of the mind. Instead of going in and hyper-activating the brain to compensate for this problem, Limitless is designed to SELECTIVELY seek out these overactive brain cells, and calm them down. This can bring about a smooth wave of clarity, calm energy, peace, great mood, enhanced awareness, relief of anxiety, and much more. Limitless is very powerful and isn't meant to be a daily supplement. It's for those extra tough or long days when you need it most! No need to let it build in your system!