Blanx White Shock Mouthwash 500 Ml

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  • Shake before use

  • make your teeth whiter ! and more ! it removes the bacteria that cause plaque and cavities.

  • Actilux helps maintain your gums healthy and hydrated

  • Use BlanX White Shock Mouthwash with Actilux at least once a day for 30 seconds using the cap as a dispenser.

  • Made in Italy - Italian Packaging - English instructions

The only light activated Whitening Mouthwash in the world with Actilux, the innovative formula protected by two international patents. The light reactive formula of BlanX White Shock Mouthwash with Actilux removes bacteria, cleans and continues to whiten your teeth all day long. The more you smile, the whiter your teeth will get. BlanX white Shock mouthwash Mouthwash with triple action: - Whitening: actiluX adheres completely to the surface of the teeth and, breaking lemolecole dirt, offers protection and deep cleaning and a bright white. Imicrocristalli of actiluX bind to tooth enamel and can be recharged at any sorrisograzie to light, any kind of light. - Antibacterial: ActiluX effectively removes bacteria cause plaque and tooth decay. - Refreshing: the fresh aroma of mint persists for 24 hours. The mouthwash is activated by natural light to whiten your teeth. The ActiluX active crystals bind to tooth enamel and react to light, activating the whitening effect in a natural way. Try the revolutionary whitening and antibacterial action that leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness in your mouth! Format 500 ml bottle