Boostnblend Light Silver Grey Hair Loss Concealer For Women With Hair Loss. Covers Up Visible Scalp For Women With Visible Thinning Hair 22G/0.78Oz

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  • For women with hair loss or thinning hair. Where there are patches of visible scalp

  • Shake on and blend in with fingers to instantly make thin or thinning hair appear thicker

  • Each strand of hair appears up to ten times thicker, so no more visible scalp

  • Instant hair loss and scalp concealer for women looking for hair loss products

  • Made from the latest technology natural cotton (no keratin chemicals)

Tiny hair-like micro fibers made from cotton shake on and cling to each hair shaft making it look up to ten times thicker. Stays on until you next wash your hair.

This is the latest technology hair loss product women have been waiting for. Our fibers have a superior cling factor due to the product being made from 100% natural cotton. Completely safe for your scalp.

Not spray on, not sticky or tacky. Just pure cotton fibers like we have next to our skin every day. Totally color fast - and will not run. No need for a locking spray.

Keratin fibers on the market today are old technology and have been around for over 30 years. Keratin is water soluble, color can run when coming in contact with sweat and rain. Also keratin fibers are known to turn green in the sun and under bright lights, they look green.

Provides the appearance of thicker, fuller hair in 20 seconds

Choose your color: match the root color of your hair or a little bit darker. If root color is grey, it can cover up the grey too. So in that case match the color you dye your hair.

Apply the hair fibers to the thinning area and gently blend in with fingers until the fibers have dispersed to cover each individual hair shaft. Leave in place until your next shampoo

Provides an instant solution for Alopecia Areata, post pregnancy and post menopause hair loss

No one will know you're using it unless you tell them - even if they get a close up view, outdoor, under bright sun light.

Works with Rogain for women. Simply apply Rogain once a day then when it has dried, shake in BOOSTnBLEND hair thickener which will instantly make the new regrown hair up to ten times thicker.

If taking Biotin or Viviscal, then use with BOOST n BLEND to help to thicken up new regrown hair.

Lasting results - last all day, all night, through wind, rain and sweat. Will not smear or stain your skin or clothing.