Dimension 9 Jivin' Jane Yoodara Good Luck Charm Toy

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  • Part of the YooDara Wisdom Tribe

  • Lightweight 3 tall figure weighing less than 1 ounce

  • Not a toy - intended for ages 13 and over

  • One of the most popular string doll lines on the market today

  • As featured on TODAY Show and in the 2012 Grammy Gift Bags

According to YooDara legend: It is said that the ultimate dream of a lucky YooDara is fulfilled when one is chosen to cross through the dimensions. In our world, the YooDara can only physically exist as small bundles of string representatives of themselves. Although in our dimension we see them in an inanimate state, don't be fooled. They work their magic through us and their power is heightened in our realm. The secret passages that exist between dimensions have enabled them to cast spells that improve the lives of all humankind. This handmade string charm is linked to a ball chain for easy attachment to key ring, backpack, or rear-view mirror. Each character features a positive sentiment to bring happiness to your day. Jivin' Jane empowers you to dance to the beat of your own drum.