Dryer Duct Cleaning Kit- Generic Vacuum Hose Attachment Flexible And 30 Inch Flexible Dryer Vent Cleaning Brush And Refrigerator Coil Brush/Radiator Brush. Fits Vacuum Hoses 1 1/4 Inches Or Less

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  • You will receive - one flexible 24 inch crevice tool cleaner and one long 30 inch brush

  • ATTACHMENT SPECS: 24 Long- Inside measurement where your nozzle fits is 1 3/8 inches(35mm) and the tip width measures 0.6 inches(15mm) - Fits vacuum hoses with a 1.25 inches or less diameter because of tapered end. ** Important - your vacuum hose needs to have a diameter of 1.25 or less to fit)** Does not fit Dyson ** See Description below for info on Shark Vacuum Cleaners.

  • Hose attachment is flexible but not flimsy - Has better airflow than others and does not clog as easy as others. Perfect vacuum attachment for under the fridge, dryer lint or hard to reach areas.

  • BRUSH SPECS: Full Brush Length: 30 - Without Handle: 24-1/4 - Bristles Diameter: 1-1/2 - Steel Wire Diameter: 3/8 - Brush color: black - Handle Color: black - Longer than other brands.

  • BRUSH USES: Clean your dryer lint trap, fridge coils/ condenser coils, exhaust vents, AC vents, radiators and under your appliances. Bends like a lizard in your dyer lint trap but is not too flimsy.

  • Color : Black

Included in this kit is a 24 inch flexible hose attachment for hard to reach areas like down in your dryer lint trap or under your refrigerator.... Also, included is one 30 inch long Flexible Dryer Vent and Refrigerator Brush, Can also be used as a radiator brush. This brush is on twisted wire and flexible and the benefit of that is it will easily conform to the shape of your dryer lint trap. ***You will notice that the brush has long and short bristles which allows for twice as much lint to be caught and brought out.***If your dryer vent is badly clogged use the brush first to get the bulk out then use the vacuum crevice tool. (Doing this will cut down on clogs in your crevice tool even though the suction end of this tool is wide enough to have good airflow and still be small enough for most dryer Lint traps (end of tool is 15mm width)... Both the hose attachment and brush are flexible and can bend back straight...... They will arrive flexed/curved for easier shipping but will straighten out or bend to your application of use.....To assemble the crevice tool run warm water over the ends of the hose which will make inserting ends easy.....Length of crevice tool can vary by 1/2 inch. ***Please make sure that your vacuum hose has a diameter of 1 inches or less.**Some Shark vacuum cleaners are 1.5 inches which is too big for this crevice tool....This tool will fit most vacuum hoses, but please measure the end of your hose to make sure it will fit..... Does not fit Dyson vacuum cleaners.....Here is a partial list of Shark vacuums that it will fit: Shark Duo Clean, Shark Ion Flex, Shark Flex, Shark Rocket. -- The Shark Navigator and Swivel Steering - it will fit inside the hose but is not a tight fit, but will work... Shark Professional it will fit but you need to push it on. Does not fit Newer Bissells (unsure of older Bissells -please measure). If you are not sure if it will fit your vacuum please ask a question and we will respond.