Funnybones - The World'S Oldest Game That You'Ve Never Playedyet! - By Funnybone Toys

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  • Funnybones is part skill, part tradition...and ALL fun! And, with 30 game challenges, the excitement never ends. Funnybones dates to the Greek and Roman periods & now this game is played in many places around the world.

  • Funnybone Toys is thrilled to introduce its special version in the US, with game challenges ranging from easy to difficult! These include Overhand Ones, Twos, Threes and Fours; Clicks; Horses in the Stable; Eggs in the Basket - and more! Brief instructional videos of each challenge are posted on Funnybone Toys' YouTube channel. Players improve hand-eye coordination as they tackle the challenges. Funnybones is great to practice alone and play with others while taking turns.

  • Box Contains: 5 Funnybone game pieces, 1 bag, 1 carrying chain

  • By Funnybone Toys, creators of Disruptus, Arazzles Under the Sea, Spectrix, Array, Funnybones Game, Anaxi, Spectracube, Spirot Game, Juxtabo, Cubu, Melvyn and Simon Collage Memory Game. And don't forget Rolli the self-inking stamp rollers for fun and creativity!

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Funnybone Toyswas createdin 2011to provide products that are atrue combination of form, function, and beautiful, minimalist design.One of ourfavorite elements of design is color, socolor reignssupreme in every one of our products. We launched Funnybone Muse in 2013, allowing us to offer other items that inspire us, that are outside the toy and game category. Every product that comes out of ourdesign studio will showourcompany'scommitmentto beautiful, minimalist design.