Fyt Professional Disposable Tattoo Needle Cartridges Box Of 20 Pc (9Rs)

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  • Sterilized and hygienic - single-use disposable material with medical plastic tips

  • Efficient cartridge change and replacement. Removable Front Cap for Better Cleaning

  • Quality made tattoo cartridge needles with a rubber membrane to reduce cross-contamination and spills while tattooing.

  • Safety membrane keeps pigment, germs, bacteria, etc. from entering the motor or client

  • 20 Needle Cartridges Per Box

  • Size : 9RS

The FYT Cartridges System is simple, efficient, and most importantly, hygienic. These needles have a safety membrane that keeps pigment from entering the motor and any germs, bacteria, or viruses from entering your clients' bloodstream. Each needle cartridge is made from sterilized single-use disposable material with medical plastic tips and packaged individually. The FYT Cartridges are one of the best quality Cartridges Needles in Tattoo industry.

RS - Round Shader
RLT - Round Liner Tight
RLT-BP - Bugpin Round Liner Tight
F - Flat
M1 - Magnum
M1-BP - Bugpin Magnum
MC - Curved Magnum
MC-BP - Bugpin Curved Magnum