Gotofine Double Sided 1X - 7X Magnification Hand Held Makeup Mirror With Stand,Clear (7X)

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  • Excellent 7X Magnification on one Side and Regular on the Other Side

  • 5-inch size optical quality glass mirror

  • Clear frame matches any color

  • Great as a hand mirror and a hands free stand mirror

  • All Gotofine mirrors are precision made of the highest quality optical glass

  • Color : Transparent

  • Size : 1X & 7X

This handheld Double sided mirror features an 7X distortion free glass on one side and 1x reverse side, plus the included stand allows for hands free use of the 5-inch size mirror, which allows you to see the tiniest detail.

Reveal your beauty to yourself with Gotofine Handheld Mirror. This mirror looks extremely elegant and has a beautiful glossy finish. The classic shape makes it look even prettier.

-Classic shape
-Double Sided- 1X & 7X Magnification
-Handheld & Stand

A mirror is the true reflection of beauty. Most people overlook the fact that a good, high quality mirror is one of the most important beauty tools that you can have. If we lived in a world without mirrors, everyone would be walking around with lip stick on their upper lip or mascara on their eyebrows. When it comes to beauty, a mirror is your BFF. All Gotofine mirrors are precision made of the highest quality optical glass. Aesthetically appealing, functional and suitable for a variety of needs. Providing both regular and magnified vision capabilities ranging from 3 to 20 times magnification, Gotofine mirrors come in a variety of styles including countertop, wall mounted, handheld and suction.