Magic Money Puzzle Gift Box Brain Teaser Puzzle For Adults

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  • CHALLENGING BRAIN TEASER - Test your intellect while having fun by unlocking this thought-provoking Secret Lock Box Wooden Puzzle using some serious brain flexing and the correct sequence of moves

  • INGENIOUS DESIGN - Engineered with a sleek combination of precisely crafted geometric pieces, this wooden puzzle brain teaser magic box houses multiple secret compartments within its interior that are ideal for locking up gifts and surprises or hiding valuables such as cash, collectible coins, jewelry, tickets, love notes and more

  • CRAFTED OF 100% REAL WOOD - Featuring expert craftsmanship, this secret box is composed of solid natural wood with a smooth finish and elegantly presents an aesthetic display of beautiful woodgrain variations

  • IRRESISTIBLE FUN FOR EVERYONE - This brain-teasing lock box provides a mind-exercising diversion that's entertaining for both children, teens and adults

  • A COOL, UNIQUE GIFT - Surprise that special someone by locking their present inside this savvy yet cunning gift case box that will instantly elevate your gift-giving to a thrilling and exciting level that's perfect for any occasion

Give the gift of any denomination, check, gift card or secret notes in our amazing money puzzle. This clever puzzle allows your recipient to see what the gift is through the acrylic cover, but in order to retrieve it, they must first solve the secret to opening the box.