Odor Zapper Disinfectant Spray - For Use In Shoes, Gym Bags, Yoga Mats, Kid'S Cars And More! Variety Pack 5 Pack, 4Oz Bottles

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  • All Natural, Antimicrobial and Anti-fungal Deodorizing Spray made with essential oils.

  • Powerful! Formulated to work with only a few sprays. The strong scent fades along with the stink!

  • Shake well, spray on material, let dry, smile.

  • A single 4 ounce bottle will last months.

  • Quality is essential (pun intended). We oversee all the manufacturing directly and use OZ! in our homes and with our kids!

  • Color : Multicolor

Buy Odor Zapper's total variety pack and decide which of the scents is your favorite! Disinfecting and deodorizing for use on any material that stinks ! Two or three pumps on any stinky surface will smell amazing and eliminate the source of the odor! Attack, Crisp, Fresh, Frost and Purify - All odors eliminated!