Original 20X27 Inch Orange Super Absorbent German Shammy Cloths For All Kinds Of Cleaning,260 Grams, 100% Viscose,Commercial Grade. (3)

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  • Quality Material: Our ORIGINAL 20X27 INCH ORANGE super absorbent GERMAN SHAMMY cloth is made in West Germany using quality materials. Each piece weighs 260 grams and each shammy cloth Size is approx. 20x 27 inches which comes in orange color. These are entirely lint free because they are 100% rayon. Our original German shammy cloths have the advantage of not leaving any fibers on your glass surfaces or squeegee blade.

  • Eco-Friendly: Our shammy cloths for cleaning has brought about less use of Paper Towels; since it has an edge over paper towels when the environment is put into consideration. Just thinking about all the money you can save on not buying paper towels and finally having a cloth that will do it all is sure to get you reasons why you should get your own shammy cloths from us.

  • Effective and efficient: When you choose our shammy cloths for your cleanings, you are rest assured for a super cleaning with a super absorbent cleaning material. No drips. Works well for all purposes of cleaning, cars, kitchens, home, bathroom, drying pets and wiping pet stains. Our shammy cloths are your best option for cleaning house surfaces, such as appliances, countertops, furniture, cabinets, wood trim, flooring and windows.

  • Easy to Use and Durable: Our ORIGINAL 20X27 INCH chamois ORANGE super absorbent GERMAN SHAMMY CLOTHS will absorb liquids of any type in moments with ease and can be used over and over again while looking as new as ever. Our chamois orange shammy cloths possess streak and lint free surface after every use and are also machine washable.

  • Unbeatable Guarantee: Our shammy cloths are super absorbent materials that can be wrung out easily and feels rubbery to the touch when dry and kind of like a leather chamois when wet. We ensure 100% Satisfaction and are offering free return to our clients. You can always return our product if unsatisfied.

  • Color : Orange

ORIGINAL 20X27 INCH ORANGE SUPER ABSORBENT GERMAN SHAMMY CLOTHS FOR ALL KINDS OF CLEANING,260 GRAMS, 100% VISCOSE,COMMERCIAL GRADE. If you are going to do anything either professionally or not, you need to be really effective and efficient. Cleaning is no different; if you plan to take on cleaning ranging from windows, rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, cars and even pet stains, you will want to use the best tools and techniques. If you have been using just any old rag then you need to listen up. Ditch the old t-shirts and underwear, the terry cloth rags, and old bath towels. You need to use the right cloths! That's why we have the pleasure of introducing to you original German Shammy cloths 260 GRAMS for all kinds of cleaning. Why should you choose our ORIGINAL 20X27 INCH chamois ORANGE super absorbent GERMAN SHAMMY CLOTHS FOR YOUR CLEANING? Quality Material: Eco-Friendly: Effective and efficient: Easy to Use and Durable: Unbeatable Guarantee: What are you still waiting for? Click the Add to Cart button now and get ready to show off your sparkling home! Size: 20 x 27 inch Weight: 260 Grams Material: 100% Rayon UPC: 688939189982 Made in West Germany. IMPORTANT NOTE: The term 'WEIGHT' refers to the weight per square meter.