Wowo Natural Pure Ginger Shampoo 10.14Oz + Natural Nutrition Hair Mask 5.1Oz 100%Protect The Scalp And Effective Anti-Dandruff, To Prevent Hair Loss And Broken Hair. (Shampoo &Amp; Conditioner)

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  • A pure plant pure phoenix ginger shampoo, no silicone oil, no stimulation of the skin, without adding any flavor spices

  • WOWO shampoo control oil, to dandruff, but also to speed up the growth of hair, hair greasy, hair loss, yellow, WOWO to help you completely care for your hair

  • Men and women young and old, pregnant women, menstruation, confinement can be used, WOWO pure ginger shampoo to give you the safest natural care

  • WOWO is a concentrated product, WOWO hair care package suit, foam delicate, high concentration, the effect of a bottle of the top three bottles

  • WOWO shampoo set, 100% inhibition of hair loss phenomenon, to prevent hair loss hair to promote the development of hair, remove hair loss itching and dandruff hyperplasia phenomenon

  • Size : 5.1 ounces

WOWO pure ginger shampoo
Product efficacy: to promote the scalp of the blood circulation to protect the scalp effectively eliminate dandruff Qingzhi oil control, 100% inhibition of hair loss phenomenon, to prevent hair loss and hair loss activation of hair follicle cells to promote the growth of new hair to strengthen the hair follicle tissue, promote hair development, Hair loss greasy itching and dandruff hyperplasia phenomenon, so that the scalp relaxed and comfortable, reduce scalp pressure.
Ingredients: WOWO pure ginger shampoo promised by 100% add high quality wild ginger juice, no added pigment flavor. Long-term use, to help hair growth, effective inhibition of hair loss, solid Ben Li Yuan, forever youthPackaging: empty bottles after high temperature antivirus, quality is through the national test,
WOWO Nutrition Hair Mask,
Product efficacy:WOWO nutrition film is a concentrated hair film,extract the natural six major conservation ingredients,high concentration of deep penetration,direct hair core. Effectively repair hot dyed and daily environment caused by hair damage,to help hair against dry,frivolous,bifurcated, dull,fragile,disheveled and all the distress.So that hair instant light soft and fearless
WOWO commitment 72 hours is not greasy! 48 hours of fragrance! No silicone oil! No irritation to the skin! Without any addition! Create healthy hair! Persistent use can slowly repair damaged hair